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Sharing inspiration at TEDx – How I did it

A couple of days ago, I had my inaurgral TEDx experience – as a speaker on stage. I’ve always been a fan of TED and TEDx, having attended several events in Singapore over these few years. They are usually a blast, and you come out brimming with new ideas and inspired to go change the world. So you can imagine how excited I was to have the opportunity to be a TEDx speaker, and be able to share my ideas and story to hopefully inspire others. It wasn’t as simple as it looked however. That 15 minutes on stage may seem easy, but behind that was probably 40 – 50 hours of...

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6 things I learnts at the Malaysian Telemedicine Conference

I had the honour to be a panellist at the mobile health (mHealth) symposium at the 2016 Malaysian Telemedicine Conference held on 16 – 17 Aug at Sunway Medical Centre. It was energising to talk and interact with many different visionaries and stakeholders, all of whom are excited to see telemedicine come to life in delivering better healthcare at lower costs. Here are a couple of key insights I took home from the conference: On mHealth 1. mHealth has been estimated to be a huge market, however it has fallen short of its revenue potential despite the large number of health apps and users...

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Big Data and Chronic Diseases at Asia IoT Business Platform (4 Nov 2015)

Two weeks ago, I was invited to speak on the use of big data to fight chronic diseases at the Asia IoT Business Platform, held in Kuala Lumpur on 3 – 4 Nov 2015. Although I was only able to attend on the 2nd day, it was an interesting gathering of technologists and opportunists who are all interested in the potential for M2M and IoT to change the world. IoT = Internet of Things. It was my privilege to be able to share my personal viewpoints on how data science is going to transform medicine in the near future with an audience of over 200+ people, as well as connect with many new...

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exponential medicine

Exponential Medicine 2015 – Live stream

Exciting news for anyone who is interested in healthcare innovation : Exponential medicine 2015 (part of Singularity University) is live streaming these 4 days, free-of-charge.  That’s amazing, considering that it costs $5000 for a ticket to attend the conference and anyone can now watch it in the comfort of their room.  It’s a great conference on the cutting-edge in technology in healthcare with many distinguished speakers. It’s a bummer that it’s in a very different time zone (PST, 16 hours behind) but I’m catching as much as I can. Among the...

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Hans Rosling speaks on sex and babies

Inspirations at TEDx Singapore (6 – 7 Nov 2015)

The TEDx Singapore conference was held this weekend (Friday to Saturday). It was the largest TEDx event organised in Singapore to date, with 30 speakers covering a variety of topics from building smart cities to live looping and philantrophy. The atmosphere was great, with more than 1000 people turning up at the NTU auditorium. Kudos to the TEDx Singapore team – the sessions were inspirational and thought provoking! The theme was ‘An Undiscovered Country’, and was laser-focused on Singapore. Several of the talks were about unique, lesser-known aspects of Singapore, or...

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