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Why I Joined the Glyco Leap Team

(Reblogging – see the full, original post here) As a doctor, I often get asked why I left behind a promising career in medicine to join the team that developed Glyco Leap, a smartphone-based coaching program for people with Type 2 diabetes. Compared to a stable job as a practising clinician in the hospital, working in a young company means so much more uncertainty – with job security, financial renumeration, career progression, among others. Thinking rationally, it doesn’t make sense. But I believed in the vision to create a new, better healthcare experience for people...

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How NOT to approach a grant proposal (for startups).

Having written up at least 4 grant proposals for our company’s projects over the past year, I feel that I’m at least partially qualified to say this: Grant writing (for startups) is a painful process. Don’t get me wrong – every single person I’ve worked with at these grant agencies has been very helpful and enthusiastic and I am thankful for their guidance. Singapore is often cited as one of the best places to startup in Asia, with a multitude of sources of non-equity funding  for early / very early stage companies. These grants usually come from various...

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6 Startups Tackling The Problem of Modern Aging

6 startups pitched their ideas at the finale event for Modern Aging Singapore on Dec 5. If you didn’t already know, Modern Aging Singapore is a 4-month program in Singapore that was launched this year by ACCESS Health. During this period, it takes participants from ideation into a viable business plan through workshops and mentorships. My company has a significant interest in the problem – or rather, opportunity – of the rapidly aging population in countries like Japan, China and Singapore. In particular, around creating digitally-supported programs to prevent or delay...

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Future Everything Singapore (17 Nov 2015)

As a citizen that is highly interested in the evolution of my beloved country into a ‘smart nation’, I had the privilege of attending the Future Everything Singapore conference held at the Art Science Museum over the weekend. The panel of speakers were brilliant and there were a lot of discussion and take-home messages to consider. It was an intellectually stimulating afternoon – the kind of saturday afternoons I love.   Summary of key thoughts : – Internships are boring and pointless – after a few months of photocopying papers, making coffee, many interns...

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roasted chicken

Healthcare systems (and roast chicken?)

To have a glimpse of how complex the US healthcare system is, you should take a look at this video, from the 2014 Health Innovation Summit. ‘99 problems but reinbursement ain’t one‘. It’s a very interesting 35 minutes.  The speakers include CMO of Welldoc, CEO of Omada Health (love this company) and a lady from a healthcare think-tank. And I mean complexity in terms of payments and reimbursement, not quality of medical care.

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