roasted chicken

Healthcare systems (and roast chicken?)

To have a glimpse of how complex the US healthcare system is, you should take a look at this video, from the 2014 Health Innovation Summit. ‘99 problems but reinbursement ain’t one‘. It’s a very interesting 35 minutes.  The speakers include CMO of Welldoc, CEO of Omada Health (love this company) and a lady from a healthcare think-tank. And I mean complexity in terms of payments and reimbursement, not quality of medical care.

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Diabetes App Review – mySugr gets my thumbs up

As a doctor, I have a keen interest in mHealth – because in this age of smartphones and always-on connectivity, we have new ways to reach out to people in order to influence their lifestyle habits and choices, channels that we never had before 10 years ago.  I’ll be reviewing a series of innovative diabetes apps that have piqued my interest, and I’ll share with you my unbiased opinions on each of them, from my perspective as a medical professional. Review of mySugr diabetes app Over the last few months, I have tried out several logger apps for diabetes.  The mySugr...

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Project Sothea, a medical screening initiative in Cambodia which I was involved in.

The Healthcare Revolution You Haven’t Heard About

These are extremely exciting times.  We’re in the midst of a healthcare revolution – have you heard about it? Medicine, in the past Medicine is a marvellously interesting field – I love it.  We’ve come along so far over these past 100 years since penicillin was invented (1928), and yet there is still a long way to go.  There is still so much of disease that we do not fully understand, or even if we do, have not found the cure for. I’ve spent a good part of my life in medicine, almost half of it now.  5 years in medical school, and another 8 years working in...

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