6 things I learnts at the Malaysian Telemedicine Conference

I had the honour to be a panellist at the mobile health (mHealth) symposium at the 2016 Malaysian Telemedicine Conference held on 16 – 17 Aug at Sunway Medical Centre. It was energising to talk and interact with many different visionaries and stakeholders, all of whom are excited to see telemedicine come to life in delivering better healthcare at lower costs. Here are a couple of key insights I took home from the conference: On mHealth 1. mHealth has been estimated to be a huge market, however it has fallen short of its revenue potential despite the large number of health apps and users...

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scaling people

Scaling Humans and Healthcare

A key project I’m involved in at work is an online program that helps people with diabetes and prediabetes make sustainable changes to their habits for better health. Our health coaches, in particular dietitians, are an essential component that contributes to the efficacy of the program. An oft-asked question I get is that health coaching is a high-touch human service – how do you scale that up? Or the famous ‘million’ question – Suppose you have 1 million participants, you can’t possible have enough dietitians or coaches to handle them all...

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exponential medicine

Exponential Medicine 2015 – Live stream

Exciting news for anyone who is interested in healthcare innovation : Exponential medicine 2015 (part of Singularity University) is live streaming these 4 days, free-of-charge.  That’s amazing, considering that it costs $5000 for a ticket to attend the conference and anyone can now watch it in the comfort of their room.  It’s a great conference on the cutting-edge in technology in healthcare with many distinguished speakers. It’s a bummer that it’s in a very different time zone (PST, 16 hours behind) but I’m catching as much as I can. Among the...

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Living the diabetic life with the iHealth Align

Over the past week, I’ve been living out various elements in the lifestyle of a person with diabetes. I plan to keep this up for the rest of the month. As a clinician, I interact with people with diabetes mostly in a limited way – the short 10 minute consult, a quick review of their lab results and status and prescription of medications. There’s a much larger (and perhaps more important) aspect to managing diabetes – lifestyle and psychosocial – that I want to better understand, and be in a position to improve. So..I’ve been : Logging everything I eat on a...

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Diabetes App Review – mySugr gets my thumbs up

As a doctor, I have a keen interest in mHealth – because in this age of smartphones and always-on connectivity, we have new ways to reach out to people in order to influence their lifestyle habits and choices, channels that we never had before 10 years ago.  I’ll be reviewing a series of innovative diabetes apps that have piqued my interest, and I’ll share with you my unbiased opinions on each of them, from my perspective as a medical professional. Review of mySugr diabetes app Over the last few months, I have tried out several logger apps for diabetes.  The mySugr...

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