Diabetes App Review – mySugr gets my thumbs up

As a doctor, I have a keen interest in mHealth – because in this age of smartphones and always-on connectivity, we have new ways to reach out to people in order to influence their lifestyle habits and choices, channels that we never had before 10 years ago.  I’ll be reviewing a series of innovative diabetes apps that have piqued my interest, and I’ll share with you my unbiased opinions on each of them, from my perspective as a medical professional. Review of mySugr diabetes app Over the last few months, I have tried out several logger apps for diabetes.  The mySugr...

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Mi Band Xiao Mi review

Mi Band Review : Wearables are going explosive

The last time I wore a watch was more than a year ago – it was a minimalist Movado watch without any numbers on the clockface, leaving you to guess the exact time. The leather strap snapped one day, and I didn’t feel any compelling need to fix it, nor even to get a new watch. If I needed to find out the time, I’d just whip my iPhone 5S out of my pocket. And at the same time, with my phone, I can check if any new emails came in, or if someone replied to my facebook message. That’s all a watch really does – tell the time. It has been made obsolete, more of a...

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