hello WDD from Singapore!
hello WDD from Singapore!

WDD : Healthy Eating is a Right, not a Privilege

World Diabetes Day is celebrated internationally on November 14 and this year it happened last Saturday.

The key message for this year is that Healthy Eating is a right, not a privilege.

How can we ensure that everyone has access to healthy food at reasonable prices? How can we provide everyone with the knowledge and motivation to eat healthily? Difficult problems indeed.

The statistics are alarming :

  • More than 400 million people around the world have diabetes today.
  • A healthy lifestyle can prevent up to 70% of type 2 diabetes, equivalent of up to 150 million cases by 2035.
  • A healthy meal is approximately USD $1.50 more expensive than an unhealthy one – which increases food costs by USD $550/year


Our team at Holmusk wanted to do our part, however small, to raise awareness and keep diabetes in the public and political spotlight.   It was also a good opportunity to get everyone out of the office: we’ve been hunkering down to get our product launched.  While at the same time doing something healthy and fun.   Hence – the World Diabetes Day Park Run!

Park Run is a global movement that organises free weekly timed runs. In Singapore, this happens at East Coast Park every Saturday morning at 730 am (you can register and find out more – great bunch of friendly people).

We had custom-made T-shirts with the blue circle (the international symbol for solidarity in diabetes). We woke up at 6 am (some even at 5 am) to make our way down to carpark B1 at East Coast Park to join 30+ other people for the 5km timed Park Run starting at 730 am.

Quick briefing before starting the run
Quick briefing before starting the run

The weather was great, couldn’t have asked for better. I was a little worried about the haze making an unwelcome appearance, but it left us alone that morning.  Some of us decided to run, others decided to have a nice morning walk in the sun.

I hadn’t done a timed 5K in a while, so I pushed as hard as I could. Perhaps too had, because I ended up straining my plantar fascia (I have flat feet) and calf muscles and was walking with a waddle for the next 2 days.  Ouch.  If anyone is curious, my timing was 27 minutes. Praveen did our team proud, coming in 4th in a difficult field (the top 3 were competitive runners/marathoners) with a sub-20 minute timing.

After that fantastic workout, we adjourned to the nearby Big Splash for breakfast and some photographs – I’ll leave you with them below.

a mini blue circle
A mini blue circle
hello WDD from Singapore!
hello WDD from Singapore!

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