“I wouldn’t believe this, even if it were true”


I attended a seminar on healthcare transformation through design this morning.  There were good people speaking.  However, the key take-home (for me) from this was this highly amusing article that was published in the BMJ a decade ago :

Easy Ways to Resist Change in Medicine.

I couldn’t help laughing – I’m perfectly guilty on many of these.  There’s just something about us physicians that makes changing our ways so darn difficult. I suppose it’s having gone through the ‘trial by fire’ of insane hours at work, perfecting a particular process or skill, that makes us instinctively shoot down anyone who tells us to do it a new, better way.  “Better, really?” *cue sarcastic look*

I “attack the data” almost all the time.

Or just “Don’t pay attention.”

My favourite has to be this though :

Simply refuse

When presented by threatening information, say what was muttered after a presentation for continuing medical education: “I wouldn’t believe this information even if it were true




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