yau teng yan interview with talking point

Interview with Talking Point (Channel News Asia)

I was recently interviewed by Channel News Asia for their latest episode on diabetes in Singapore. Shared my thoughts on how technology can solve some of the challenges patients face in managing their condition well.

Check out the full video here.

(Talking Point Episode 38, 16 Mar 2017)

The biggest problem patients face is the lack of support. Diabetes is a disease that is with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it never goes away. Yet patients often spend less than 1% of that time with a health professional, the rest of the time they’re left on their own, self-managing their condition in the community, often without anyone reliable to turn to for advice and support.

Diabetes is a very data-driven disease. Our patients need to make daily decisions around their diet, their physical activity, how much insulin to inject etc, and our glucose levels are constantly changing, a result of all these factors and even less tangible ones like stress, mood, sleep. One of the promises of technology and digital health is that if we can capture all this data in a digital format, we will be able to layer on predictive and real-time analytics that can provide a patient with personalised and actionable insights to help him or her manage her condition better.

One lesson learnt : Never wear a shirt with a dotted pattern if you’re due to appear on TV! Apparently, through some optics which I don’t really understand, it causes distortion. I had to wear a casual jacket over my shirt to mask this.

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