glycoleap yau teng yan

Why I Joined the Glyco Leap Team

(Reblogging – see the full, original post here) As a doctor, I often get asked why I left behind a promising career in medicine to join the team that developed Glyco Leap, a smartphone-based coaching program for people with Type 2 diabetes. Compared to a stable job as a practising clinician in the hospital, working in a young company means so much more uncertainty – with job security, financial renumeration, career progression, among others. Thinking rationally, it doesn’t make sense. But I believed in the vision to create a new, better healthcare experience for people...

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ice cream

Personalising dietary advice – Banana vs Cookies

Have less ice cream or chocolates, and more fruits and vegetables – that’s great dietary advice for good health right? Wrong!  Well, at least for some people. Let me pose you a simple question : Which do you think will lead to higher blood glucose levels after consumption – a banana or several cookies? (let’s say they were Famous Amos)   Cookies of course!  (you say?) This group of Isreali researchers attached a continuous glucose monitor to 800 participants and measured their responses to over 40,000 meals. They found that there was high variability in...

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hello WDD from Singapore!

WDD : Healthy Eating is a Right, not a Privilege

World Diabetes Day is celebrated internationally on November 14 and this year it happened last Saturday. The key message for this year is that Healthy Eating is a right, not a privilege. How can we ensure that everyone has access to healthy food at reasonable prices? How can we provide everyone with the knowledge and motivation to eat healthily? Difficult problems indeed. The statistics are alarming : More than 400 million people around the world have diabetes today. A healthy lifestyle can prevent up to 70% of type 2 diabetes, equivalent of up to 150 million cases by 2035. A healthy meal...

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Living the diabetic life with the iHealth Align

Over the past week, I’ve been living out various elements in the lifestyle of a person with diabetes. I plan to keep this up for the rest of the month. As a clinician, I interact with people with diabetes mostly in a limited way – the short 10 minute consult, a quick review of their lab results and status and prescription of medications. There’s a much larger (and perhaps more important) aspect to managing diabetes – lifestyle and psychosocial – that I want to better understand, and be in a position to improve. So..I’ve been : Logging everything I eat on a...

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Big Data – the key in the battle against chronic diseases

It’s been months since I’ve written something here – I’ve been really focused on my work at Holmusk over the last few months and I truly believe that we are on the cusp of creating something of great value for patients with chronic diseases.  More on that soon! Anyway, I digress.  I want to share an article I wrote that appeared in Today Online/The Malaysian Insider on 28 July 2015.  It was initially at 2000+ word discussion piece, and the editor had me cut it down to 900 words to make it more readable. The gist is that we’re in the middle of a chronic...

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