What you should know about diabetes and men

Did you know that men have a slightly higher chance of developing diabetes compared to women? This is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This means that if you have the Y chromosome (yes, I’m referring to you men/guys), it’s important to know about diabetes symptoms in men. Many of them are similar for both genders. However, there are a few things that are specific to men.

Also, if you’re itching to know why there’s a photo of Tom Hanks in this article, read on! I promise you, there’s a good reason.

There are 4 key symptoms of diabetes mellitus – no matter if you are a man or a woman :

1. Increased Thirst. You may notice that you constantly feel thirsty, and always searching for a drink (I don’t mean alcohol). You find yourself needing to drink large amounts of water to quench the thirst – beyond typical for a normal adult which is about 2 litres a day.

2. Frequent urination. You go to the toilet to pee very often in the day, even several times an hour. At night, you may wake up multiple times to go to the bathroom, and it affects your sleep.

3. Lethargy/Lack of energy. You notice that you have been feeling increasingly lethargic over the past few months. You don’t have the energy you used to have before, and tire out easily even after simple activities.

4. Weight Loss. You realise that you’ve been losing weight quite rapidly over the past few months. This is particularly significant for young adults, in whom Type 1 diabetes is more common. For men, this also includes experiencing a sudden loss of your muscle mass and an overall reduction in your body strength.

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